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Would appear to develop free will and be capable of experiencing emotional. And spiritual experiences. In ” The Singularity Is Near ” (2005. Kurzweil expand on this theory to prict an impending singularity in which human intelligence will merge. With artificial intelligence and all disease, aging, social ills. And death will be revers, resolv, or eliminat. Kurzweil prict that the singularity would be reach by 2045. Scientists Hans Moravec and Raymond Kurzweil even advocate. A post-human state—the end of humanity’s dependence on. Our fragile version 1.0 human bodies into their much stronger and more capable version 2.0 counterparts.

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Ethical Issues Potential ethical issues invariably arise in Singapore Phone Number List the discussion of the concept of transhumanism. Although it is bas on humanistic ideas about the importance of human life and the desire to reach its full potential, the reality of human enhancement through advanc mical technologies is proving to be complex. Concerns that such technologies will lead to greater social inequality are among the major criticisms of the movement. In an article publish in Foreign Policy magazine in 2004, American political theorist Francis Fukuyama call transhumanism “the most dangerous idea in the world”, stating that the introduction of biotechnology could lead to humanity being forc to pay for this step with a violation of human rights.

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Fukuyama point out that inequalities between USA CFO countries could lead to “advanc” people claiming more rights than those left behind. Some opponents of the theory also express fear that the technology will be us by those who want to gain superpowers. Hawking prict that a race of superhumans will take over, using genetic engineering to outdo their fellow human beings. Thus, synthetic hormones, such as erythropoietin  and increases the production of r blood cells, as well as adaptive technologies, such as bionic implants and carbon fiber prostheses , can be us not only by people with blood diseases or disabilities.

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