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That are more effective in testing new products and creating solutions. Vitaliy Mikhalchuk, Head of the Research Center of JSC DRT The turnover of SMEs in the Russian Feration at constant prices at the end of 2022 decreas by 13%, according to our estimates bas on statistics for 9 months of 2022. With a decline in the real GDP of the Russian Feration by only 2.7%, have suffer especially hard. First of all, this was facilitat by the high concentration of SMEs in the most affect sectors of the economy (retail trade and services). The state supports SMEs through a set of financial (subsidies, grants, concessional loans), social (ucational programs, staff development.

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Infrastructure (platforms for SME procurement, IT Uganda Phone Number List company registries) measures, as well as by rucing the administrative burden. About 80% of SMEs do not benefit from government support measures for various reasons, according to our 2022 small business survey . Since 2019, the number of employees in small and mium-siz businesses in the Russian Feration has remain virtually unchang and at the beginning of 2023 is at the level of 15.2 million people. (excluding individual entrepreneurs), or 20% of all employ in the economy. This is well below the US and EU, where the figure is around 46% and 64% of all employ in 2022.

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However the category of self-employ, these statistics in USA CFO the Russian Feration. Since the introduction of this tax regime in 2019, the number of self-employ people has almost doubl annually and has already reach 6.5 million people in 2022. Many foreign-orient SMEs are likely to move to friendly countries and arrange logistics on behalf of instead of trying to enter foreign markets on behalf of a Russian company. The rapid growth of Russia’s foreign trade turnover with friendly countries since the second half of 2022 shows that this process is already underway and so far suits all parties.

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