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What happening Researchers from the HSE

Infrar radiation and “penetrating” inside dust clouds. It helps to find and explore new objects, look into those times  were just beginning to emerge. James Webb is about a hundr times more sensitive than Hubble. For more than a year of operation, the telescope has taken many important pictures for science. For example, he discover the oldest stars in the Universe, captur Jupiter, Neptune and its satellites, the Carina Nebula, the Southern Annular Nebula and a number of other objects. James Webb also took a picture of an exoplanet that has water, which means that our chances of finding an Earth-like planet are increasing.

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Telescope observations help to monitor the processes Norway Phone Number List of the Universe that occur at the origin of life. Scientists clearly see how dust and ice turn into planets and stars. HSE experts calculat the index of routine and determin how many jobs can be given to robots. The main thing from the study is in the material of RBC Trends Faculty of Economic Sciences found that robots will replace only 11.2% of Russians in their workplaces. You can automate only the work where a person performs routine actions of the same type.

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Which are easy to represent in the form of an USA CFO algorithm. Therefore, the authors of the study calculat routine indices for 427 professions from the International Standard Classification of Occupations. The index could take values ??from -1 to 1, activities, and 1 is prominantly routine. For 74% of professions, the index turn out to be below zero, that is, most of the tasks associat with them are non-routine. The index of 37% of professions was equal to -1, i.e. a specialist of this profile performs only non-routine activities. Index 1 was assign by experts to 6% of professions. It is their representatives who risk giving way to artificial intelligence and robots.

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