Shady schemes and fraud Criminal

For people who did not have a business, the main model is also cost minimization . These include switching to cheaper food and, first of all, saving on energy, because electricity and heating are quite expensive in Greece. methods of dealing with the crisis have not receiv much distribution. The fact is that Greece is still in the European legal field, and in the period of the 2010s, the EU legislative norms regarding the activities of “gray” financial organizations became tougher . Not only were pyramid schemes prevent, but the conditions for conducting banking business were tighten.

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Which suggest that the banks themselves should Morocco Phone Number List pursue a more responsible policy, and monitor capital norms and other indicators. The flow of smuggl goods through Greece has always exist and has not increas much due to the crisis.  reality, since historically various routes for the illegal sale of weapons, drugs, etc. pass through the Balkans. Of course, in Greece there was and is a segment of the “gray”, even “black” economy, however, the Great Recession especially influenc him. Crisis on the one hand, and schemes on the other.  Yury Kvashnin list the indicators by which it was possible to prict that the crisis would happen. Simplifying the structure of foreign trade.

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If one of the export items sags, then the country can USA CFO very quickly slide into a state of economic crisis. In Greece, this was a consequence of EU integration, because the country took on a very narrow industry specialization – mainly tourism and commercial shipping. Negative financial indicators. First of all, the public debt and the external deficit. They were associat with the exorbitant volume of those budgetary obligations that the Greek authorities assum. Chronically high unemployment. Even in prosperous years, its rate in the country was about.

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