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How rigidity affects people The effect of rigidity reflects the Lachins effect. During an experiment in 1942, a psychologist prov for new solutions. The first group of students were ask to get 100 quarts of water (about 95 liters) using jars of different sizes. The task was solv in several stages, in a complex way with pouring from one jar to another. Then Abraham Luchins gave a similar problem that was done in two simple steps, but 81% of the students did it in the same difficult way. The second group of students, solv it in the most obvious way.

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The experiment shows that the rigidity of thinking was List of US Mobile Phone Numbers suppos to alleviate the problem: students perform a new task in a familiar way. But in fact, the psychological quality “block” a more effective and obvious way. The main disadvantage of rigidity is that it prevents you from changing your way of thinking and adapting to new circumstances. According to a study by the University of Cambridge, the level of psychological rigidity affects the ability to compromise: people with this trait tend to think radically, including in politics. American scientists suggest that rigidity negatively affects the frequency of remissions in anxiety disorders.

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If a person has mental disorders, rigidity can exacerbate USA CFO them. For example, patients with an eating disorder often follow a certain diet because of the mental attitude “after six you can’t eat, otherwise I will get fat.” Such restrictions can lead to nervous breakdowns: the digestive system works constantly and requires food not only until six in the evening. Maria Danina: “When dealing with rigid people, of their difficulties. It can inde be difficult for them to act differently, and novelty is highly troubling. Soothing and normalizing communication that supports their self-esteem will help to connect.

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