Some experts believe that the role of people

The focus is more on engineering problems, but there are also breakthroughs in other sciences, such as biology. And there is also a struggle between developers to create the first fully autonomous autopilot,” comments William Sahakyan, doctoral student in the field of artificial intelligence at the University of Bielefeld (Germany). As you remember, the first paragraph of this material was generat by a neural network. The task for AI is not the most difficult – there are robots that can write detail news well (for example, for an agencyAssociat Press.

Creative approach to competition

Also a collection of short stories has already been releas Hungary Phone Number List co-author with the Russian neural network ruGPT-3, and even the sitcom The Sidorovs , creat by the neural network. So will AI replace humans in creative activities? will still be important in creative tasks. “People will retain professions associat with a large number of atypical, poorly formaliz and creative operations, such as landscape design, individual training and personaliz mical care,” Anton Kolonin believes. Experts reassure: as long as robots continue to create something only according to given instructions and have not learn to go beyond scripts, nothing threatens creative professions.

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Which are then sold under the guise of human

However experts warn as AI advances, it could USA CFO create competition in the labor market and outperform low-profile employees who are unable to offer a creative solution to a problem. “Yes, now AI generates gorgeous images, paintings labor. Schoolchildren use AI like ChatGPT to write essays. There are neural networks that write classical music or pop music, books, plots for films. This is just the beginning – artificial intelligence in this direction will continue to develop. But I think there will be demand for human labor, and you ne to be a professional in your field. It is unlikely that artificial intelligence in creative professions will become a mass story.

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