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The process of cleaning tissues from metabolites and harmful substances is launch. Preclinical trials on mice are being carri out at the Saratov laboratory of. The Saratov State University, clinical trials will begin in the coming months at the Volga. Research Mical University. Partners from the Charité clinic will deal with the automat delivery of […]

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Unfortunately the topic turn out to be outside the scope of the area fund at that time. But let’s imagine that such a study turn out. In fact, we would be one step closer to an AI that can create something. Not by a text query compil by a person, but to generate independently what […]

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Cancergene iting, immunity obesity, human and animal health are some of the issues that the scientific community is studying. HSE ISSEK researchers explain the increas interest in such topics by the pandemic and the focus of scientists’ attention on solving new problems relat to people’s health and well-being. According to WHO, one in six deaths […]

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The Top10VPN rating may be quite valid, since Russia is a specific market. This is one of the regional leaders with its own language, cultural characteristics and, as a result, other consumer habits. Moreover, Russia has long-term blocking. Compar to temporary blockages and shutdowns, this can lead to greater economic losses. and Russian social networks […]

Who owns shares in Alphabet and Microsoft

Senior Software Analyst at DA Davidson, said Google has been. A leader in AI innovation over the past few years. However, the company’s specialists seem to have fallen asleep on the introduction of this technology into their search product. Alphabet is going through a difficult period as advertisers have cut costs. Lip King, chief strategist […]

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Study  a group of British researchers have shown that the inability to distinguish AI-generat faces from real ones affects people’s behavior on the Internet. Scientists note that fake images can undermine trust and fundamentally change online communication. Users are more likely to perceive GAN faces as real, as oppos to photographs of real people.  why […]