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The world without really solving any problems

The attitude is it’s all your fault. The Persecutor criticizes and blames the Victim, making her feel oppress by threats and bullying. Persecutors cling to a sense of control and power, proving their importance to themselves and Rescuer. Attitude – “Let me save you!” The rescuer stubbornly spends his own energy on “saving. Other people, […]

Which allows them to be us to treat children

One of such developments of Tomsk Polytechnics is steel wires that are implant inside the tubular bone and us as a “conductor” that helps to form new bone tissue. A team of scientists l by Evgeny Bolbasov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, has develop a technology for manufacturing such implants and applying composite coatings bas on […]

The concept of cancer vaccines is generally

Metastases in turn can move to other organs. Most often, a person dies from metastases, and not from the primary tumor. How Cancer Immunotherapy Works. The immune system normally fights tumor cells – it recognizes and destroys them. But this process can be disturb: some cells avoid detection and continue to multiply. the immune system […]

People with parosmia have already appear

With incorrect regeneration of olfactory receptors. It is impossible to prict how the coronavirus and the associat parosmia will affect whom. The only thing that can be assum is that older people will take longer to recover, because brain plasticity decreases with age. Moreover, it is known that olfactory disorders, including parosmia, are more common […]

When an electron finds itself

You are looking at an AMOL display – a product of organic electronics (from the English abbreviation Active Matrix Organic , hydrogen and nitrogen can be obtain literally from natural sources, available in unlimit quantities. Environmental friendliness . Heavy metals are harmful to living organisms. But some of the synthetic blocks us to assemble the […]

Many people associate the Internet

Fertilizers and water themselves, and “smart” animal. Trackers notify farmers in time not only about the location of animals. But also about their health status, analyzing heartbeat, body temperature and general activity. In transportation, typical IoT solutions include telematics and smart fleet management, in which the vehicle connects to a local operating system for monitoring […]