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The main thing about the new product

Determine the location of a sound in space, etc. In the counseling section, the patient could learn more about tinnitus and how to use sounds from UpSilent for quality sleep, attention control, relaxation and deep breathing exercises. As a result, 65% of patients who used the UpSilent app experienced less tinnitus. White Noise Light did […]

The solution of a clearly formulat task

Non-profit organizations or social movements. And thus, thanks to his efforts and competencies, he achieves resolution of situations. These can be issues of social inequality, the fight against alcoholism, drug addiction, environmental protection, urban governance and much more. Trends and directions of the profession According to the forecasts of. The Agency for Strategic Initiatives , […]

After the moderators of the social network

The dissemination of unreliable socially significant information on the subject of a special military operation in Ukraine.” A year earlier, on March 10, 2021, the agency was already slowing down the work of the social network. At the time, the move was explain by Twitter’s refusal to remove illegal content. However,  remov more than 91% […]

Which you will ne with the onset of winter

Get rid of everything you haven’t us in a year One of the main methods of rucing property is to give up things that you have not us for a year and do not intend to in the future. Of course, I do not urge you to throw away a warm blanket or down jacket […]

The combination of anonymity and intimacy

Metaverses can really help a lot in this matter: there is even SpeechKit (programs for speech recognition. – RBC Trends ) that can transform speech and make it possible to feel differently. The experience of  in the metaverses can make you feel different and ruce taboos on many topics.” If the creators of the digital […]

This direction or this idea important

Who is involv in such financing in our country? – There are two sources – the state and philanthropists who are ready to invest, because they consider the development of society. But so far this is not a common practice, and the vast majority of early-stage exploratory research is fund by the state. This has […]

A smart alarm clock that tracks

Upon registration a recommend daily calorie intake is calculat bas on activity level, height and age, and a nutritional goal. Users fill out a food diary to know  fats, carbohydrates they have consum. You can track progress: view reports for the day and week. The basic functionality is free, but with a subscription to FatSecret […]

Neural networks for image generation

The components are then melted down, refined and used to make new batteries or other products such as electric cars. What is two-factor authentication? Two-factor authentication is a method of identifying a user to enter the service, in which you need to confirm in two different ways that he is the owner of the account. […]