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The study and analysis of big data helps governments. Make decisions in areas such as health, employment, economic regulation, crime and security, emergency response. Industry The introduction of Big Data tools helps to increase. The transparency of industrial processes and introduce “predictive production predict the demand for products and. Accordingly, plan the expenditure of resources; […]

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The practical analysis of crowdsourcing began from the moment when open source software began to be creat using its principles. The term appear in 2006. During this time, crowdsourcing projects have become widespread in business, innovation, politics and other areas. Thanks to crowdsourcing, community initiatives have reach a new level. There was a ne for […]

The social mia lockdown is a dramatic event

Integrating them into third-party services and sites is becoming harder. In recent years, there has been a trend towards the flow of audience from more traditional channels (TV, radio, print mia) to the Internet (target advertising, social networks). To look for new channels of work and advertising while maintaining customer habits.” How reliable is the […]

Which does not require much effort

Drives around in a stylish car. Or maybe you have chosen the image of a creative person who surrounds himself with art and musical instruments? Everyone does their best to create their own image. However, we really enjoy only those things. Yes, the attributes of a successful lifestyle are very tempting, but I strongly advise […]

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Virtual and augment reality can be film using several GoPros and subsequently turn into 3D, involving artificial intelligence, real people or their digital avatars in the animation process. This is how Vex Ruby works – a digital copy of webcam models that interact with viewers in real time. One of the newest technologies in cyber […]

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After the successful completion of the regeneration process, the spoke is remov.” Implants with various bioactive coatings have been introduc into mical practice. Employees of the famous Ilizarov Orthopics Center (Kurgan), which specializes in correcting congenital body deformities, have treat more than 300 patients. Innovative mical products develop by Tomsk scientists help to ruce the […]

The suspension of the activities

I would not talk about the “legality” or “illegality” of this approach. Here the matter is completely different. The main task of our business under sanctions pressure is to ensure the continuity of our business and data security by any means. Of the largest companies will negatively affect the country’s economy. If parallel imports have […]

Identity verification using biometrics

USB flash drive (for use with a smartphone, it is sometimes equipp with NFC and Bluetooth interfaces) [2] . Such a key can be us to enter the same social networks, but such a serious approach rather makes sense for storing very important data. services such as social networks. Does two-factor authentication guarantee absolute security? […]