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Corruption Is Everywhere Politicians

 The narrative structure – a complete technical daring – combines three levels: the meeting at a bar table between a loquacious young man and his former high school teacher, to whom the incidents of the tragic Saturday night are relat; the useless walk of two shadowy characters along a road, who, surpris, follow the adventures […]

Seems Paradoxically More True

Shameless the innocents , plac in perspective, is a work that has withstood the harshest criticism – that of time – and has receiv the greatest reception, that which comes from readers who with renew spirit, generation after generation, still follow its stories. . Paradoxically More True. The remember writer manuel scorza would propose to […]

Truth or with Lies the Second

And in 1995, in The Immortal Eunuchs – a novel in which Reynoso, as he had already done in his other works, exhibits a refin narrative technique – he would condense his twelve-year life experience in Den Xiaoping’s China, developing a story in an autobiographical. Truth or with key. on the background of the infamous […]

Religious Systems Work with the

A professor train at the Enrique Guzmán y Valle National University of ucation, La Cantuta, he began his forays into literature at a very young age, as he us to mention when journalistic investigations inquir about his beginnings. And he did so shelter from the books that Religious Systems Work were hous in the well-stock […]

Our Political Economic and Even

At my school an engineer teaches me mathematics,” a student from a well-known school in Cajamarca almost shout. I wonder then, has the school lost its nature? Perhaps we are thinking of school as synonymous with preparation for university. Perhaps, we have gotten lost in thinking of school as the space where it must be […]

From a Marketing Point of View

We analyz data from the main fashion weeks internationally: new york. London. Milan and paris – over the course of the two main seasons. We examin how key industry changes affect international fashion weeks and the various brands that present their fw19 and ss20 collections. In the report. In particular. We analyz the overall mia […]

What is important mailbox in gmail

One of the most important features of Gmail is the mailbox. A mailbox is a place where all your emails are stored, organized, and accessed. In Gmail, your mailbox is where all your incoming emails are collected, sorted, and displayed. It is a critical component of the email service. And understanding how to use it […]