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You only have eight seconds to grab their attention before they lose interest. Deeper relationships with customers and loyalty customers do notice when the content genuinely serves their nes. And then they also naturally spend time reading and browsing the content. Because personaliz content feels more personal. It’s a great way to connect with customers. […]

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The traffic to your website increases. High traffic means that more and more visitors are simultaneously trying to download files and images from your website’s server. Which affects the site’s performance. A normal. Non-personaliz website can withstand very heavy traffic without the site’s performance decreasing and the loading spe increasing significantly. The reason can be […]

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Device type and usage on the website. The general data protection regulation (gdpr) introduc by the eu further limits the amount of data collect. As consumers can choose whether to give their consent to data collection. As privacy requirements become stricter. increases even more. Attractive content and personaliz experiences are your means of creating customer […]

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Exactly the right information is offer at exactly the right time. Why is website personalization worth it? Whether it’s websites. Marketing emails or other content. Personalization is clearly one of the most important trends in digital marketing. Why? In today’s information boom. Consumers have high demands and expectations for the c. Ontent offer by companies […]

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You’ve been thinking about buying a service for a long time. And you’re going to research the options. You go to the search engine and click on the suitable option shown on the front page. You arrive at the company’s website. And immiately on the front page you see a large headline about the topic […]

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The rec709 is consider  to all intents and purposes a standard for high definition televisions. An example of a log shot and of the same with a lut appli  development luts. Both on set. But also after and outside of it. Luts can be creat  which have the purpose of fixing a certain type of […]

The lut must be thought of more

 Don’t be scar . Thanks to our courses you will be able to have all the skills necessary to achieve the desir  results. The lut must be thought of more as a starting point rather than an arrival point; that is. It is not a magic wand that can instantly transform our footage or photographic […]

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 In adobe premiere. You can gain more control over managing luts by creating an adjustment layer to which you can apply a lumetri color effect. This way you can quickly change the lut settings or temporarily turn it off without affecting the video level. If you ne  help learning how to manage these steps we […]

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 In this article we provide you with some examples of what can be creat  in adobe after effects and clarify the terminology commonly associat  with the use of this software. After reading you will be able to answer questions like. ” can i do this thing in after ?”. But also. ” what courses do […]

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With adobe after effects it is possible to carry out professional post-production work on video material such as. Removal of unwant  objects . Replacement of backdrops (with the chroma key or green screen technique ). Attaching 3d objects or animat  texts to camera movements (thanks to camera tracking ). With adobe after effects it is […]

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Other google tag manager terms: container = means the basic tag that is install in the source code of the website. tag manager tool will work through it in the future. Trigger (trigger) = its task is to tell when the tag should forward information or save it. A trigger can be. For example. A […]

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If there is no free field or additional questions for customers in connection with it. Many critics also point out that customer loyalty should primarily be measur using real data. Compil from customer purchases. Instead of a survey. Google tag manager 10.6.2020 kaisa huttunen google tag manager is a free tool that can facilitate the […]