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A robot can interact with several systems

Weaknesses and growth areas, select training methods and draw up a program, allocate time for this. Know the industry. In addition to the ability to work with the most popular RPA platforms, a specialist must understand how relat technologies work. In corporations – with dozens of systems. It is useful to understand their nuances security. […]

How Ls light up Novosibirsk scientists explain

Also checks how they can be us in practice. Finally, the fourth group of scientists bas on organic compounds makes devices: for example, transistors (OFET) and organic light emitting diodes (OL) without heavy metals in the composition and with a luminous efficiency of 100%. As a result, out of hundrs of initially model compounds, only […]

Why We Are Asham to Rejoice in Troubl Times

The essence of the project is to create a connection between. The brain and the computer. The developers have already learn how. To read information from the brain of pigs and show a monkey that, thanks to a chip built into its head. Could play a computer game. Is to help people manage prosthetic arms […]

The scheme for getting out of the state

Experts interview by RBC Trends argue that humanity is making progress. Among other things, thanks to situations where it was impossible to solve the problem facing a person at. The moment, for which new ways of solving it were invent. Therefore, the inevitable states of frustration during constructive behavior do not interfere, but even help […]

Where there is no possibility to supply gas

The air temperature in Paris in winter is about -3 º?, and the ground temperature is +10 º?, the difference is 13 º?. In winter, in the Moscow region, the average air temperature is -15 º?, and the soil temperature is only +5 º?, the difference is 20 º?. And if we take two identical […]

We look to the future with ambition

Understand pricing and demand, so we can provide clients with relevant offers for real estate for investment and personal purposes. To support clients interest in foreign real estate, we cooperate with trust partners with high-quality expertise in the markets of presence. — How fast are cross-border transactions now? – There are many nuances.  bank and […]

Which is responsible for the transmission

Immune cells and enhance their effect on the tumor. Also, for treatment, immune T-lymphocytes that have already been in contact with. The neoplasm canand modifi in the laboratory and inject again in larger quantities or with improv properties. The concept of cancer vaccines is generally bas on the fact that malignant cells have specific antigens. […]