Take a critical look at the world

This is done to ensure that you stay on the page as long as possible. But because of such a policy, you may find yourself in an information bubble. And assume that everyone around you is watching and supporting the same as you. Express your opinion  vote. As soon as you begin to say what you think without fear. The spiral stops. The main thing is that your statement should sound in a respectful manner. Do not violate the law and harm anyone. Talking does not mean distributing leaflets, posting posters, soiling and tearing down posters.

Any majority is afraid of the minority

In the long hair on men spoke for itself. It was a sign Denmark Cell Phone Number List of how to wear jeans at one time – in the countries of the Eastern Bloc, ”recalls the German sociologist. In order not to feel like a representative of a marginal minority, find like-mind people who share your position. Most likely, there will be not so few of them, especially on the Internet – in social networks, thematic publics, channels, in comments and on forums. If you adhere to the opinion of the majority, feel strong, confident and support, do not forget to listen to less popular opinions, look for common ground with them and consciously draw conclusions.

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What happening Researchers from

Check any information question everything that is USA CFO present as generally accept truths – perhaps they are simply impos by those who benefit from it. HSE experts calculat the index of routine and determin how many jobs can be given to robots. The main thing from the study is in the material of RBC Trends  the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences found that robots will replace only . % of Russians in their workplaces. You can automate only the work where a person performs routine actions of the same type.

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