Technologies in the treatment of parosmia

Then slowly expands the palette and tries to identify two aromas in the mixture. How the world is adjusting to parosmia One of the professions where a delicate scent is simply necessary is a sommelier. Therefore, the consequences of parosmia are especially sensitive for its representatives. After sommelier Yevgeny Bogdanov himself suffer from the coronavirus, he had to relearn his profession, and he believes that this help him overcome parosmia. So he creat wine lists for people with a similar problem. In addition, restaurants are introducing new menus specifically for guests with a distort perception of smells, and the leadership of some schools is changing the composition of dishes in canteens.

The extreme degree of blindness is associat

A book has also been publish in the UK with recipes that Morocco Phone Number List do not use the foods that most often cause rejection in parosmia. Scientists are now quite successfully working with the consequences of lesions of another sense organ – vision. with the fact that light-sensitive cells are absent or have di. In this case, the patient can be implant with electrical microcircuits at the bottom of the eye, which will perceive light and transmit stimuli to the brain.

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We know very well where in the brain there are areas

This is now being done in Russia, and quite successfully. With such an artificial retina, a person begins to see the difference between light and dark spots. And then USA CFO patients who have undergone such implantation note that over time they begin to see the difference not only between light and darkness, but also recognize the outlines of objects. That is, the brain begins to learn on its own, since it initially has the inclinations for this, it simply lack light-sensitive cells. of smell that can be connect to, and they are locat quite close. But the problem so far lies precisely in creating at least the most primitive odor analyzer.

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