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Maintaining the premises and so on. However, the pickup point is more flexible in the distribution of goods: more orders can be stor in the warehouse, one point covers more people, while deliveries of goods are not requir on a daily basis. In addition,  that did not fit, but this will not work with the post office, you will have to go to the company’s office or send it by mail. Accordingly, points of issue of goods will continue to appear in new cities and regions. Online retail will continue to develop rapidly, not only because it is easier for small and mium-siz entrepreneurs.

At the pick-up point you can return the goods

To create an online storefront than to open an offline Iran Phone Number List store, but also because of a drop in mall traffic due to the departure of large international players. Fuel prices of transport is expect due to its continu wear and tear and a seasonal increase in fuel prices. that the cost of gasoline will fall: firstly, inflationary pressure should be taken into account, secondly, a high excise tax on fuel, thirdly, the high cost of extracting natural resources, and, of course, lost state income from exports, which will be offset by an increase in the price of fuel in the Russian market.

Phone Number List

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HSE researchers found out how many people in Russia still do not use the Internet, and why people refuse to use the Web What’s happening ISSEK HSE USA CFO studi who and why in Russia does not use the Internet. For seven years – from 2014 to 2021 – the number of Russians who do not have access to the Internet has halv – from 30.1% to 16%. Most households not connect to the Internet are in the Republics of Mari El (28%) and Mordovia (26.3%), Novgorod (27%) and Oryol (25.5%) regions. Least of all – in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (1.5%), the Magadan Region (2.7%) and the Chechen Republic.

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