We develop those materials that work

When the external exciting radiation, such as ultraviolet, disappears, the material emits a glow for some time. The simplest example where this can be us is in an office light system (the well-known “Exit” signs above the doors). A more interesting way to use such materials is the bioimaging of cells (for example, tumor cells). Fluorescence in practice The market for organic electronics is huge — over $40 billion in 2020 — and it perfectly dictates the research agenda for the coming decades. These are various “smart materials”, highly sensitive sensors, organic photovoltaics. At the same time, the use of organic semiconductors and diodes is not limit to electronic devices.

The scientists have a commercial partner

Laboratory scientists are already actively working with the Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List real chemical industry, helping to make chemical synthesis processes more optimal, with less waste and more carbon neutral. Since the RGB palette (from the English abbreviation R-Green-Blue) is us in the displays of electronic devices – smartphones, smart watches, TVs, car radios – the production of organic light-emitting diodes (OL) of these three colors is one of the promising areas of work of the laboratory of low-carbon chemical technologies. The Latvian company EmiBlue, which uses emitters creat in the lab to further manufacture Ls and OL displays.

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In a layer that emits light

Evgeny Mostovich Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Head USA CFO of the Laboratory of Low-Carbon Chemical Technologies, Novosibirsk State University: “One of the main projects of the laboratory is the development of emitters for OL. We assemble a full-flg OL together with a partner from the European Union, since such devices are not simple, similar to a sandwich, where each layer is responsible for a specific function. In the future, we hope to produce full-flg organic semiconductors and sell emitters with a luminescence spectrum close to all the main true colors: blue, green and r. In addition, the development plans include the creation of materials for thin solar panels.

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