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RBC Trends but so far the sample is very small, and therefore it is too early to draw conclusions. However, the first few dozen buyers who us the service have very high NPS,” says Yershov. Plans and prospects Askona plans to expand the subscription to all products that are sold through the site or in offline stores. way or on crit will remain.  model of consumption will gain popularity. According to Roman Ershov, in the foreseeable future, about 80% of sleep products, including furniture, can be issu by subscription.

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Outsourcing is the transfer of non-core functions of the Malaysia Phone Number List company to third parties. For example, it is not always profitable and convenient for firms to keep cleaners or their own security service on staff. Then they turn to private security companies or cleaning companies -significantly overtake a competitor. Later, Ford also came to this business model, but the decisive leadership was already lost. The idea of ??outsourcing is not new for Russia either. For example, even in the USSR there were canteen trusts – associations of individual companies that provid food at Soviet enterprises. Outsourcing acquir modern forms in Russia only in the 1990s, with the advent of a market econom.

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Freelancing is the involvement of a private independent USA CFO specialist without registration in the staff of the company. Outstaffing is almost the same, only freelancers are hir from the core organization. Differences between these forms of labor relations in the amount of work, the time of cooperation and the distribution of responsibility. problem one-time. For example, a company may hire a designer to draw a set number of images for a specific project. With such specialists, they conclude a contract, the provision of services or an author’s order. The boundaries between outsourcing and outstaffing are less obvious. 

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