The accounting outsourcing market

Carefully study the company you are hiring. Dishonest companies can delay their employees’ salaries and violate contract terms, which will cause problems. This happen in Kopeysk, when the work of the ambulance was given to a private contractor to organize. It would be prudent to indicate in the contract specific penalties for violating deadlines and rucing the quality of services. Disclosure of confidential information. For example, Novaestrat, a consulting company for the Ecuadorian market, leak the data of millions of citizens of the country to the Web. To protect against this, the clauses prescrib in the contract. On non-disclosure of such information and liability for violations will help.

Which emerg due to the pandemic

As the Association of Private Employment Agencies pricts Netherlands Phone Numbers List the demand for outsourcing and outstaffing will grow, while for the search for permanent staff, on the contrary, it will decrease. Gi Group COO Lyudmila Zorina believes that this trend, will continue in the future. At the same time, Kelly Services Executive Director Yuri Efrosinina notes that is still smaller than in develop countries, which indicates its potential for even greater growth. According to Maurice Sperg, director of business development for Tet data centers, the pandemic and crisis have push many corporations to invest in digital transformation, attract remote workers and pay more attention to cloud systems.

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The outsourcing market in Russia

Outsourcing companies help to cope with these tasks. Polina Murtazina, the founder of the School of Accounting Business, expects that will grow by 25-30% in the USA CFO near future. The expert attributes this to the ability of accounting and tax firms to work remotely, which is an important criterion in post-COVID times. In the field of IT outsourcing, according to BCG forecast , interaction strategies will change. Companies are now turning to high-tech service providers for help with digital business transformation. In matters of cybersecurity and ensuring the continuity of processes, corporations plan to rely more on their own resources.

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