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The activity of candidates in Tomsk decreas

Or maybe become a shift courier and get more freom and more money. People are now quite serious about the difference in potential earnings and often change their approaches to the profession. The paradigm of “one profession for life” is less and less relevant, applicants have become more selective and diversify their skills. Of course, for the younger generation it is easier. But we see that adults, the 40+ category, are also adapting to changes and the new labor market. Like companies, applicants paid attention to the regional component.

In late spring and early summer

They understand that it is possible to find a job not Henan Mobile Phone Number List only in their region, but also to think about remote employment or move closer to demand, we not a surge of interest in shift positions in the southern regions. For example, as a waiter in Sochi. But it is not only about the catering and hotel sector. In the beauty industry, by 33% in April-May, and by 27% in Kirov. And in Sochi, on the contrary, it grew by 42%. The same applies to the northern shifts, and in general the shift method of work. Shift workers requir — How many companies are now ready to use freelance collaboration models.

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What does it look like in practice

Does it help close the shortage of specialists? — We see a fairly large increase in demand for part-time work. Not so long ago, Avito invest in GigAnt, which helps USA CFO businesses find temporary executors. There are many large retailers among the company’s clients, such as VkusVill, Azbuka Vkusa and Pyaterochka? During peak hours and seasons, companies ne extra people. Let’s say in the store it’s morning and evening when customers go to work and return home. During the day, two cash desks are enough, and during peak hours you ne six It is unprofitable to keep so many people on a 12-hour shift.

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