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It turn out that most of the material from the surface of. The asteroid Itokawa consists of the mineral olivine. The second device “Hayabusa-2” in 2020 brought to Earth a sample from. The asteroid Ryugu. They found particles of olivine and spinel. The starting point in the industrial development of asteroids can be call 2015: it was then that, first in the Unit States, then in Luxembourg, the UAE, Japan and a number of countries, to mine minerals on celestial bodies, at the same time a number of startups were register. In 2023, another important mission starts – NASA plans to send a space probe to Psyche.

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The device will reach the asteroid in 2030. Psyche is Chile Phone Number List of the greatest interest to scientists. This asteroid differs from its neighbors in the belt: it is much larger than them (226 km in diameter) and, presumably, consists entirely of metals. Scientists also believe that Psyche may represent the core of an unform planet. Astrophysicists plan composition. “Space” cost of space resources Preliminary radar and spectral studies have shown that Psyche contains not only iron and nickel (90% of the total substance), but also more valuable elements – gold and platinum group metals.

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The value of precious metal reserves is estimat in different USA CFO ways, some scientists put the amount at $10 quintln. And the cost of all the resources of the Main Asteroid Belt is estimat at $700 quintlon, which is almost $90 billion for every inhabitant of the Earth. If we consider not such large asteroids, scientists say that even in a small celestial body with a diameter of about a kilometer, the metal fraction can reach 200 million tons. It is mostly iron, with some nickel, cobalt and platinum group metals, which could be worth over $150 billion. In a special database, they collect approximate.

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