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The fact is that they are “ti” to technology, not to the country – therefore, the outflow of personnel is most noticeable here. Project managers and sellers are “ti” to the country – their value lies in understanding the local market and mentality. Therefore, they remain, and there are enough good candidates.  Work in a company that supplies IT equipment is different from the field of software development. And the main difference is in the product. Working with hardware – assembly, commissioning, support and maintenance – requires physical contact. At every stage of the equipment life cycle, it nes to be interact with directly, from development, production, sale and ending with disposal.

The specifics of working with iron

Unlike software development, this product is difficult to Switzerland Phone Numbers List manage in a team scatter around the world. And therefore, the “remote work” that everyone loves or attracting relocat employees is almost impossible. Another difference is in the set of specialists’ competencies. In the software development market, the value of an employee is determin by the stack of technologies and programming languages ??with which he works.  development market specialization in back-end, front-end and full-stack in the case of the hardware market looks even more pronounc. Here it is difficult to find an engineer who will equally deeply own both the technologies us in Bull servers and the technologies in Dell storage systems.

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That is why the value of each individual specialist in the hardware USA CFO market is higher than in the software development and integration market – there are no universal “full-stack engineers” for all vendors. Not so much about selling IT equipment as it is about comprehensively covering the tasks and nes of a business to build an IT infrastructure. To do this, you ne to be in direct contact with the customer and know his “pains”, provide a high-quality pre-sale and guarantee the further functioning of the sold iron – its commissioning and support.

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