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About travel or a new prestigious job are ideal for playing success. The author compares social networks with a slot machine that gives status in an unprictable way. Every time we publish a post or photo, we expect likes and comments, but we don’t know for sure if the reward will be bigger than yesterday. This unprictable reward of “target behavior” forces us to play this machine again and again, sometimes forming an addiction to social networks. Online bullying Battles for status are not only happening within games, but also between them. For example, if you take the “anti-vaccine community.

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Then this is a typical virtue game. Participants compete for Portugal Phone Number List the status of the most caring mother and fight against a common enemy – the pharmaceutical industry. During this game, they distribute status points to each other by sharing articles and rumors that prove them right, as well as ridiculing their opponents.e who has a different opinion?, by the very fact of its existence, casts doubt on the status game of anti-vaxxers and their values. This is taken as an attack. If this happens, we seek solace from like-mind people and level the viability of the “wrong ones from the Internet” by labeling them with derogatory labels. At this moment, a dangerous transformation takes place.

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The opponent becomes a real enemy, against which USA CFO any means are us. Quotes from the book “We tend to think of money and power as the main motivating factors in life. But really, these are the symbols we use to measure status.” “There is a well-known rule in the game of luxury clothing brands: the larger the logo, the lower the status and, therefore, the price. in the size of the logo by one point on a seven-point scale means a price ruction of $122.26 for Gucci handbags and $26.27 for Louis Vuitton handbags. The logo on Bottega Veneta’s $2,500 Hobo is not visible at all. He’s hiding inside the bag.

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