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What is known about LaMDA The model contains 540 billion parameters. This is almost three times more than its counterpart, the ChatGPT chat bot . Photo: Ivan Zvyagin Industry 4.0 What is ChatGPT and what it can do LaMDA is bas on architecture introduc by Google Research in 2017. artificial intelligence models that can be train to read entire sentences or paragraphs, identify patterns of word relationships, and prict which words will be next in the text. In 2020, Google found out that language models bas on Transformer and train on a dataset with dialogues can generate almost any text.

The Transformer neural network

Unlike most other language models, the developers Australia Mobile Number List rain LaMDA on dialogue texts. During her training, the model learn the nuances that distinguish dialogue from other forms of language. For example, one of the nuances is “understanding which words are appropriate in which context,” says Google. Image generat by Midjourney neural network Industry 4.0 Avatars, logos, texts for blogs: a selection of interesting neural networks When will LaMDA launch? LaMDA is only available to its developers for now, and a launch date has not been reveal. However, the company is testing the chatbot and has already open pre-registration for the AI ??Test Kitchen.

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What is ChatGPT  is a chatbot

The Turing test and convinc Google engineer Blake USA CFO LeMoine of his ability to think and feel. The Turing test is a test where a person, interacting with one computer and one person, must determine with whom he is talking – with a computer or a person. that is able to have a dialogue, look for errors in the code, compose poetry, write scripts, and even argue. ChatGPT was creat on the Azure AI supercomputer bas on the GPT-3.5 language model from OpenAI. The chatbot was train using an array of texts from the Internet and a reinforcement learning system bas on human feback Reinforcement Learning from Human Feback.

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