The attitude to work as an inevitable

If you place them in the socio-economic context of the last centuries, it becomes clear why they work for each other and complement each other, nullifying even the very possibility of overestimating laziness. The fact is that the attitude to labor as something intrinsically valuable, as well as the fact that technologies bring liberation to a person, would be incomprehensible to a conventional person from the Ancient World or the Middle Ages – be it the biblical story of the expulsion of a man from Paradise, the Sumerian “Tale of Enki and Ninmah” or the ancient Greek myth of the Danaids – we are fac with the same intuition.

It is no coincidence that in many myths

Work is a curse ystem or a mieval feudal society bas Dominican Republic Phone Number List on the work of serfs, everywhere we will see approximately the same thing. Firstly, lot, which, however, should not subjugate all life. And secondly, a rather mild attitude towards laziness – as a vice, although condemnbut far from being the most serious, and, at times, even excusable. For example, the ancient Greeks generally despis manual labor as such, considering this occupation unworthy of the high calling of a citizen of the policy. They consider idleness, that is, genuine, sublime leisure devot to politics, communication, sports and self-ucation.

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War exists for the sake of peace

To be a worthy content of life All human life,” Aristotle USA CFO wrote, for example, “is divid into occupations and leisure, into war and peace, and all human activity is direct partly towards the necessary and useful, partly towards the beautiful.  occupation for the sake of leisure necessary and useful for the sake of the beautiful. Approximately the same wary was the attitude towards technology. Suffice it to recall the myth of Prometheus, where the transfer of fire and technology to man (in a broad sense) is assess as a cosmic catastrophe that violat the divine order.

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