The average length of a track decreas

All musicians should accept these rules. Neither the producer nor the musician himself had to think about what would happen to the disc or record as soon as they were shipp to the shops. Today they have to go much deeper into the tastes and preferences of their audience. The logic here is simple: the deeper and more accurately it was possible to reconstruct the portrait of the consumer, the more “streams” the musician will receive. At the same time,  itself has also chang. The album format does not fit well with streaming mechanisms.

The process of musical creativity

The consumer here listens to individual songs more often, but only the most avid fan is able to decide on the whole album at once. At the same time, from 4 minutes 30 seconds (2000) to 3 minutes and 40 seconds (2019) – this is how the musicians react to Slovenia Phone Number List the new habits of listeners. It takes only five to ten seconds for subscribers of streaming services to decide whether to listen to the song further or not. And in order to keep a potential audience, musicians use a variety of tricks: for example, they start their track with a well-known sample or immiately stun the listener with a catchy hook. Listening statistics also affect the creative strategy.

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The main thing is to keep your audience

For example you can find out the city where you are USA CFO ost listen to, which songs are most popular, at what second they switch to another, when the volume of the track was increas, and so on. All these data are taken into account by producers and performers when they prepare new songs or shoot another video. get on digital storefronts more often and stay in playlists for as long as possible. The death of the author and the death of creativity Many prict that machine learning technologies will ruce the importance of music criticism for the foreseeable future.

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