The changes affect the musician himself

The real revolution in streaming was made by Spotify. This platform was open in 2006 in Swen, the birthplace of music piracy. Patrick Burkart writes in his book Pirate Politics that in Swen the attitude to copyright has traditionally been much less serious than in other EU countries. It was also noteworthy that Daniel Ek, who head Spotify, had previously serv as director of µTorrent. The service constantly grew its audience through an expanding music catalog and improving algorithms that match music content to each user in a way that even the most sophisticat music itor could not. And in order to keep a potential audience, musicians use a variety of tricks.

Collecting license fees for music

In addition Spotify has also made a global shift in the Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List music royalty model that is now the go-to for all streaming services: instead recordings, there is a long series of micropayments per stream. Today, according to Counterpoint Research, exces 220 million, and the company occupies 35% of the entire market. Following the success of Spotify, IT giants finally rush to the market. Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube Music are launch. In Russia, the legal pioneer of streaming was Yandex.Music (open in 2010), and the illegal pioneer was VKontakte, which, however, also acquir its own BOOM platform in 2016.

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The number of Spotify subscribers

As the courts rag to put the next music pirate behind USA CFO bars, new market players follow in the footsteps of these “criminals”, creating streaming platforms that were destin to leave behind the industrial model of music distribution. But most of all and his work. Performers have become more independent, they have more career paths. “Now a musician can choose, conditionally, ten different instruments in order to advance the way he wants,” says Nadezhda Boychevsky, CEO and head of A&R ONErpm Russia, Moscow Music School teacher, music expert and producer. – At the same time.

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