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Which can for example, be glu to the wall with double-sid tape and generate energy.” Non-invasive micine Organic luminescent compounds are important for micine. For example, bioimaging – visualization of tumor cells and observation of them in dynamics. Evgeny Mostovich: “Imagine a sensor implant in a blood vessel that automatically measures the level of, for example, glucose and transmits the data to a smartphone. Or imagine implants bas on organic semiconductors that help people who have lost some kind of motor function. Such developments are quite real, and there are already companies that are entering the market with similar proposals.

The language of electrons into the language

Bioelectronics and ideal prostheses Novosibirsk researchers Find Your Phone Numbers strive to solve the problems of bioelectronics in the development of implants bas on organic semiconductors that are closest to biological tissues. This means that it is necessary to develop a device that can translate the information transmitt by the machine in  of ions and molecules, which is characteristic of our body. is, the better the connection between the digital neural network and the person will be. And this, in the long term, can open the door to transhumanism – a situation where we learn how to improve the human body with the help of devices.

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Science has made the world as we know it. What issues USA CFO are currently in the focus of attention of scientists? “Science is part of society, and answers the questions we put before it. There are global challenges, on the solution of which the quality of our life depends. For example, we obviously do not want to be in a time when antibiotics do not work,  that no longer bother us today will be impossible to cure. And this threat is due to the emergence of superbugs that are insensitive to existing antibiotics. Or, in 30 years, the world’s population is prict to grow to almost 10 billion people.

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