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It remains within certain communicative boundaries, usually not allowing itself to be shown, for example, aggression or flirting. In a dialogue with a chatbot, a person can go beyond these boundaries, using maladaptive or asocial forms of communication and acting impulsively, while not receiving feback and healthy opposition.  becomes emotionally attach to the therapist or becomes dependent on him. In this case, a competent specialist helps the client to realize this attachment and overcome the addiction. People tend to get attach to anthropomorphic chatbots, become dependent on them, but do not receive help in overcoming this dependence within the chatbot itself.

Some people find it easier to open up

Best of all chatbots can reproduce the model of Senegal Phone Number List cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This approach was originally conceiv by the creators as a system of methods that are quite autonomous from the personality of a specialist. Chatbot is also an option Chatbots can also have advantages over a human specialist.  to a chatbot than to another person without fear of evaluation and rejection. The chatbot works 24/7 and is always in touch, unlike a specialist. For many, this is the only available form of support and psychological literacy training. Communication with a chatbot is more like a correspondence with a psychologist or a coach than a full-flg session But sometimes.

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It is much more important to find out

This can be enough to achieve a positive result. If USA CFO anything, clinical studies show that therapeutic chatbots can ruce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Psychological assistance provid by a machine, rather than a person, should not be assess as less or more useful, researchers at the Feral University of Rio de Janeiro conclude .  and establish the limits of such assistance, and not to devalue or, conversely, to idealize it.The client learns in these relationships to be open and trust the specialist.

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