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The coating dissolves releasing the drug

This is achiev in the following way a model of the desir implant is. Built (bas on the patient’s comput tomography data), print on a titanium 3D printer. The implant is coat with micine, the endoprosthesis is integrat into the body. Thus, it is possible not only to replace lost parts, but also to treat, for example, arthrosis or tumors. Andrey Nikolaenko, head of the bioprosthesis design laboratory of the Competence Center of the NTI “Bionic Engineering in Micine”, Samara State Mical University: “In fact, the endoprosthesis is a metal structure that is integrat into the body.

The function of the damag limb

To minimize complications we have creat a cover that Brazil Mobile Number List can be fill with the drugs that a particular patient nes. For example, in case of a dental injury, there is a high risk of infection – then we will install an endoprosthesis with an anti-inflammatory coating.” According to Nikolaenko, in clinical practice, mainly serial endoprostheses are us, but in 20% of cases, individual endoprostheses are ne, which are made using additive technologies and taking into account the anatomical features of patients, which allows the most effective restoration. Prior to their introduction, patients, for example, with pelvic fractures, could remain disabl. And the use of all-ceramic endoprostheses makes it possible to eliminate defects in the joints of the hand and foot.

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Despite the innovativeness of the solution

Today 3D print individual titanium, ceramic and USA CFO composite endoprostheses are us in neurosurgery, maxillofacial surgery, reconstructive surgery, hand and foot surgery, traumatology and orthopics. At the same time, with endoprostheses, micine is increasingly developing towards the use of biological materials for bioimplants, which will be 100% accept by the body. Experts believe that in 15-20 years, bioimplantation may replace endoprosthetics using artificial materials. Materials of biological origin serve as the basis for bioimplants. By special methods, all antigens are remov from them.

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