The collapse of space and the end of anonymity

Social protection systems and many other traditional institutions. Everyday life has become precarious (from Latin precarium – unstable. Standing on the sand, unguarante). And, being in this environment, a person eventually acquir a kind of “unprictability complex. Which made him extremely vulnerable. society with its “syndrome of public dumbness. The sociologist explains. “Here, the lack of a genuine public policy and the possibility of. Public expression is largely replac by this psychological language. Which becomes a permitt way of talking about yourself.

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Bout your nes desires about what a correct and happy Peru Phone Number List life is.” A person suddenly realizes that he nes to somehow cope with this complex, do something with it, somehow rebuild himself. And so he begins to turn to psychological language and occupational therapy. “In short, psychologization is a response to the precarization of our everyday life, and I think that this trend will be with us for a long time,” sums up Aronson. In recent years, new means of communication (social networks, mobile electronic devices, laptops) have modifi the establish principles of interaction that have develop in the urban culture of.

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I would say that new communication

The modern era Sociologist Pavel Stepantsov calls USA CFO this phenomenon the main trend of the last 15 years, which will determine our near future. Pavel Stepantsov , sociologist, lecturer at the Faculty of Sociology of the Moscow Higher School of Economics and Social Sciences, head of the analytics department of the Synopsis group. “technologies have launch two big changes,” says the sociologist. – First: the space began to “collapse”, it became easier to overcome it. It is no longer such an important barrier to interaction or control. The second change is much less reflect: the two main characteristics of modern society.

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