The companies that will offer the most favorable

Store is traditionally decorat with a r bow. The department store is design by a creative team. Most of the toys are purchas at international exhibitions, some are made to order, and the floristry is creat locally. Every year, a New Year’s bazaar opens at the Central Department Store, where all the main attributes of the holiday are present. Toys and decor for it are purchas not only at international exhibitions, but also at Russian factories, and from designers whom TSUM actively supports.” Individual stores also make holiday decorations on their own or buy them from suppliers. Maria German, official decorator for Van Cleef & Arpels.

After the holidays dismantling and storage

The Ritz-Carlton Moscow Bulldozer Group and El Salvador Phone Number List Lucky Group projects. We really love to produce decor for a specific place so that it fits into the space as much as possible. It can be both large decorations and hand-paint Christmas decorations. But we can buy some items in special stores or order from China. For example, ordinary Christmas balls. In January, New Year’s designs begin to gradually disappear from the streets. Before the next holiday season, each decoration goes through two stages: dismantling and storage. Dismantling To remove the New Year’s decor, local authorities are also organizing a tender.

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Toys and garlands are remov from the branches

For example a competition was open in Zelenograd for the dismantling and storage of fir trees and festive structures. cost of work and meet a number of criteria will be able to win it : good business reputation, experience in performing similar contracts, availability of USA CFO material and technical resources, and so on. In mid-January, according to the official decree , New Year’s decorations begin to be remov . The decorat Christmas trees are the first to be dismantl, and the trees themselves are taken out of the streets. Tunnels, arches and other light structures are remov later – in 2022, they decid to leave them until April.

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