The concept of sustainable development

Carsharing customers receive discounts on purchases in a hypermarket. And hypermarket customers enjoy special car rental conditions. Which allows both companies to attract new customers. In general, in the conditions of economic turbulence, that develop the idea of. Sharing are becoming more profitable. Thus, the sharing of personnel or goods will allow companies to discover new. Sometimes unexpect, development strategies. A fruit producer can productively cooperate with reusable packaging rental services, concert halls with costume rental services. Shopping centers with car sharing, attracting new audiences.

Various forms of business collaborations

Returning the old ones as cyclical customers and Shandong Mobile Phone Number List popularizing the sharing economy. What is the result? The active participation of businesses in the sharing economy will increase. The economic efficiency of all participants by rucing the cost of purchasing equipment. Services or irrational logistics. In addition to lowering economic costs, the turn towards sharing will also ruce CO 2 emissions , which will be in line with global trends and meet.  Shopping” tells what l her to the decision to give up shopping for a year, what difficulties she had to face, how she sav 49% of her income and how it affect her life.

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The author of the book A Year Without

This book is not written by a decluttering or personal finance specialist, but by an ordinary person, so the text places a lot of emphasis on personal experiences USA CFO and emotions. Who is author? Kate Flanders is a Canadian journalist who gain notoriety for her blog about how she began to consistently improve her life: she quit alcohol, paid off her debts, lost 14 kg and switch to conscious consumption. Bas on this experience, the book “A Year Without Purchases” was written, which, in the very first month after its release, became one of the best-selling non-fiction books on Amazon. What is this book about? Kate Flanders shares her diary of this period.

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