The construction industry and e-commerce

Also receiv career and material benefits from the variety of vacancies that have open up and the ease of finding them. And here we, as a platform, play, perhaps, a decisive and social role. The second important point is that the demand for candidates of mass professions has grown. This market is in a frenzy right now. Are developing, and this creates a demand for manual laborers. Probably the most striking example is the incrible demand for couriers, although there are also not enough packers, movers, and packers.

The population of the country is not increasing

Previously it was believ that in mass professions, candidates Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List are endless, they are always there. But now employers are seeing that this is not the case. Last year, the natural decline increas by 2.2 times. The government expects that the number of able-bodi Russians will decrease by 1 million people in the next ten years. In addition, labor migrants from the CIS countries left Russia and could not return. By May of this year, their number has decreas by a third compar to 2020. Accordingly, the competition for staff has increas significantly.

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Does this somehow affect the strategies of job

There is a critical shortage of people, so companies are USA CFO ready to hire candidates from other regions or relat industries. Employers raise wages in an attempt to attract workers, which is not the last factor in the rise in prices for products and services. For example, if we compare March 2020 and September 2021, on average for all professions at Avito, we see a 17% increase in salaries. Somewhere much more – in the same production, the dynamics is plus 35%. seekers when looking for and choosing a job? – Yes, sure. Take the teller market. Now a cashier can earn ?40–50 thousand at the checkout for a full day with all bonuses.

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