The convenience on their own

Having tri on a hybrid realiz that this format suits them better, or even completely abandon the classic office format. If you look at the market, according to an survey in September 2022, 54% prefer a hybrid format, 35% completely remote, and only 11% still prefer an office format of work. What difficulties does the popularity of “remote work” and “hybrid” bring to the employer? Conventionally, “headaches” can be divid into two large categories: what to do with users and. The employer can no longer be absolutely sure that he controls.

What to do with the infrastructure

What information enters the devices of his employees. It is Shandong Mobile Phone Number List ecessary to radically change approaches to the internal infrastructure, because there is no longer a strictly limit perimeter. How to make remote users work securely People tend to save effort. If you do not make it convenient for them, they will “crutch So, as they can and can, and more often – as it will turn out. For clarity, it is enough to recall two examples of streets: with and without pestrian crossings. Not every user (read “pestrian”) will try to transfer a confidential file as safely as possible (read “look for the nearest safe place to cross the road.

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It turns out that the main task

Sometimes it will be easier for him to just take it USA CFO and pass it through insecure communication channels (read “cross the road”). And even if many do not think about their physical security, what to say about the security of a file, even if it is confidential. of the employer is not just to place our conditional transitions, but also to do it in the right (convenient) places. Moving on to practice: Create VPN access for all commonly us viable systems through which confidential information is transmitt. Bring as many control systems as possible to the DMZ (Demilitariz Zone), which often ne quick access, protecting them with two-factor authentication.

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