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Following the results of the last internship, 10 out of 14 people remain to work in the company. We also lack sales professionals. In 2022, Angara launch an experimental accelerator for employees of this department. What are the minimum requirements for candidates? — For different categories of employees, the requirements are different. of operating systems is important for penetration testers (IT infrastructure vulnerability testers  RBC Trends ) and those who provide application protection. More attractive to the employer are specialists with develop soft skills: if a person is responsible, enthusiastic, ready for development, then this is a priority candidate in which the company will invest.

What classes of information security tools

For the best adaptation of employees, we have a Uganda Phone Number List mentoring institution that ensures the transfer of Prospects for the information security market – in addition to firewalls, will show growth? – These will be tools aim at protecting infrastructure, data centers and user data. To a lesser extent, the market for protection against unauthoriz access and cryptorouters (complexes for cryptographic protection of data traffic) will grow. In general, suppliers ne to look for niches that are fre from foreign companies as part of digital transformation. What are your expectations for 2023? We are preparing for a variety of scenarios.

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Who simulate hacker attacks

Import substitution will continue as a growing trend USA CFO and this is not an expectation, but an obvious reality. Government agencies have been actively involv in this process for several years, and for many commercial companies the path to import independence is just beginning. My first priction is that the Russian IT business will move from the ideology of import substitution of individual IT products towards the formation of Russian platforms that can replace entire stacks of import software. The transition requires expertise in the integration of products into a single system, which, as a result, will increase the role and capabilities of integrators.

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