The Dyson Zone cleans the air

We tell the main thing about the new device. What’s happening Dyson has unveil the Dyson Zone headphones with active noise cancellation and a personal mask filter. Headphones capture air, then it is filter and f through the mask. Of air pollutants such as allergens and building dust, as well as gaseous pollutants such as sulfur. To capture noise and creates an invert signal. This opposite signal is then inject into the sound source, thus “removing” the ambient noise. The battery of the headphones for listening to music lasts for 50 hours. But in the mode of simultaneous listening to music and purifying the air. The device can only work for four hours. Headphones without purifier weigh 585 g, with purifier – 670 g.

Active noise cancellation uses microphones

In December 2022, the headset began to be sold in China, and from March 2023 the device will be available in the US, UK, Hong Kong and Greece Phone Number List Singapore. What does it mean Air pollution is one of the key health problems. Long-term exposure to pollut air can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, stroke and lung cancer. , acid rain and damage to crops and natural habitats. Air pollution can adversely affect the quality and life expectancy. According to WHO, the combin effects of outdoor and indoor air pollution are responsible for 6.7 million premature deaths per year.

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It can also contribute to climate change

Noise pollution is another one of the underestimat USA CFO threats that can lead to health problems such as hearing loss, cardiovascular disease, stress and depression. Among the leading cities in terms of noise pollution, according to a UN report , are Dhaka (Bangladesh), Moradabad (India), Islamabad (Pakistan), Rajshahi (Bangladesh), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Ibadan (Nigeria), Kupondole (Nepal), Algeria . The noise level in these cities exces 100 dB. The Verge correspondent test the Dyson Zone headphones in New York, where the noise level, according to the UN, is 95 dB. He comment that the noise canceling feature works well.

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