The European Space Agency is working

Advanc Food Technology Project notes that astronauts in space are f freeze-dri foods that contain “normal amounts of food microorganisms” but are shock-process to be free of pathogens. This leaves astronauts with insufficient fresh fruits and vegetables, while a healthy microbiome requires, on the contrary, limit consumption of process foods and more fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as foods high in fiber.  on a study in which scientists introduce oligosaccharides, compounds found in human breast milk, into the diet of test subjects. These compounds are thought to be important in creating a healthy microbiome in children.

How the human microbiome will change

Scientists will test whether oligosaccharides affect Iceland Phone Number List the microbiome, the immune system and the mood of an adult. The experiment has been taking place at the Concordia research station in Antarctica for more than a year: extreme conditions there help to partially recreate the cosmic effect. It’s hard to say exactly  during a long trip to Mars compar to a relatively short stay on the ISS, says David Pierce. With NASA planning a trip to the R Planet in the late s or early s, scientists still have time to prepare astronauts’ immunity to gastrointestinal and skin problems. Until then, the scientist notes, researchers should continue to use the means available to them,  space, experiments in space itself.

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Whether it be ground-bas studies that simulate

Work aim at better understanding the human USA CFO microbiome – as vast and mysterious as the universe itself. public problems will become relevant and in demand in the near future. We tell you what tasks he solves and where you can find a job in this specialty What is a Public Issues Crowdsourcing Specialist? A public issue crowdsourcer is a professional who collects and analyzes public issues and mobilizes resources to solve them. This is a new profession at the intersection of management, sociology, law and information technology. What Does a Public Issues Crowdsourcing Specialist Do.

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