The first signs of a techno-optimistic worldview

To a much greater extent than the composition of the same comets or, for example, meteorites from Mars. Therefore, scientists today agree that the Moon was form as a result of the collision of our then young planet with another body, approximately the size of Mars. As a result of this collision, part of the Earth’s substance was thrown into orbit, where it became our satellite. networks, electric cars and unmann vehicles, virtual and augment reality, artificial intelligence (AI) – scientific and technological progress has given humanity a lot of achievements. Millions of scientists around the world are working on the development of technologies every day.

Emerg in the second half of the 19th early

Innovations that come into our lives, on the one hand Peru Phone Number List make it more comfortable, and on the other hand, cause doubts and fear. Reflections on the role of scientific progress for society have divid people into three opposing camps: techno-optimists, techno-pessimists, and techno-realists. History of techno-optimism Techno-optimism is the belief that technology can improve people’s lives by improving the world around them. People believe that all social problems can be solv with the help of scientific and technological progress. 20th centuries, during the era of the second industrial revolution. The use of innovations and the introduction of scientific achievements into production have become the basis for the development of the economy.

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The perception of scientific and technological

At the same time, a new trend began to appear in the USA CFO work of famous science fiction writers: HG Wells and Jules Verne. And separate inventions – the telegraph, dynamite, airplanes and television – were call by supporters of techno-optimism tools to prevent war. The First World War made adjustments to progress. But the techno-optimistic mood eventually return. In the 1960s, it began to be perceiv as an intellectual movement. In the post-war years, the countries set themselves a number of global tasks: to restore public order.

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