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For electronics GESP figures were us . of the ozone layer is to protect the Earth from ultraviolet radiation that comes from the Sun. Ozone holes are places where ozone concentration is low. In 1974 , scientists found that ozone holes appear when sunlight comes into contact with substances containing chlorine or bromine. Derivatives of these compounds at low temperatures in the atmosphere can destroy ozone. of 2023, scientists told when the ozone layer on Earth will be completely restor. Their prictions appear in a scientific report by the World Meteorological Organization. According to the document, the ozone layer is gradually recovering and thickening.

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The atmospheric shield could return to 1980s values ??around 2040, but not everywhere. Over Antarctica, changes will occur no earlier than 2066. Not only manufacturers can help in restoring the ozone layer by optimizing their business processes, but also the inhabitants of the planet themselves. “According to international studies, greenhouse Anhui Mobile Phone Number List gas emissions are one of the factors affecting the presence of ozone holes in the atmosphere. The thinning of the ozone layer leads to an increase in ultraviolet radiation, which affects global warming, rising sea levels and the population of polar bears. As expect, thanks to a significant ruction in emissions, the planet’s ozone layer will be completely restor by 2040.

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Avito users make an impressive contribution to this achievement, conscious consumption is in the DNA of our business,” comment Vasily Leksin, Product USA CFO Manager for ESG. People have chang nature so much that they It is no longer possible to return to the original parameters, and scientists are learning to apply new technologies to manage irreversible consequences. According to many scientists, we have enter a new geological era – the Anthropocene , man – the main determining factor affecting the Earth’s ecosystem. Excessive intervention in nature has creat many problems.

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