The first two missions will be sent to asteroids

Vehicles and will actually begin to transmit commands to them and help control the movement of such vehicles. And before the advent of the drone era, smart roads will be able to communicate with ordinary cars, which will be equipp with V2X devices and able to “talk” both to the road and to other cars. This future may not be so distant: already in 2021, a cargo drone drove to the Central Ring Road. In 2022, ordinary cars connect to the smart road with the domestic V2X device of the Telematics concern were successfully test. In particular, 15 different scenarios were successfully work out accidents.

Which will transport goods between logistics

The appearance of people on the highway, traffic jams Italy Phone Numbers List roadworks, poor visibility, slippery roads, and others. Yes, self-driving cars, although they seem to be something far away, already exist and even drive on roads. And, for example, on the M-11 Neva highway, which connects Moscow and St. Petersburg, it is already plann to create an infrastructure that will allow unmann vehicles to move – this will be the first stage of the Unmann Logistics Corridors state project. Already in 2024, unmann trucks will start operating on this route, terminals. In total, in accordance with the project.

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The population is growing rapidly

It is assum that by 2030 in Russia about 20 thousand USA CFO km of roads will be includ in a single network of unmann logistics corridors: in addition to the M-11 Neva, this is the Europe-Western China transport route, the M-1 highway “Belarus”, M-4 “Don”, Central Ring Road and M-12. Expect, Resources on Earth are becoming scarce, and One solution is to mine raw materials in space. As early as 2023. Let’s talk about them in detail Asteroids are small celestial bodies that orbit around the sun. They appear during the formation of the solar system more than 4.6 million years ago.

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