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One of them had an accident along the way. The second may begin to feel guilty – because if it were not for the meeting agreement. of guilt, which nevertheless can poison a person’s life. Causes of melancholy Since “melancholy” is a broad and ancient concept, it is impossible to talk about the unambiguous causes of this condition. The condition that was call melancholia in antiquity is not the same as what was denot by the concept of “melancholia” in the Renaissance – therefore it is not surprising that different reasons to it.

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If we talk about the modern understanding of melancholy Canada Mobile Number List then there are several reasons that can lead to this condition. Internal The presence of phobias. A phobia is an irrational fear of an object or situation that does not actually pose a danger [ 12 ]. An inferiority complex is a condition in which a person feels inferior in comparison with other people. It occurs for various reasons: due to discrimination, psychological trauma, mistakes and failures in life. Addiction to alcohol or drugs . It prevents the brain from producing dopamine (“the hormone of joy”), which causes a person to experience more and more negative emotions Elderly age.

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There is the concept of “involutional melancholy” – the loss USA CFO of pleasure from life that occurs when a person approaches old age. This condition can occur in women ag 40–55 years and 52–65 years for men [ 13 ]. Bodily diseases, especially chronic ones. They make a person worry and interfere with enjoying life. External Inability to satisfy any ne. For example, unrequit love or frustration due to unlov work. Social oppression is social status. For example, if a person does not have enough money for the ucation he dreams of getting, this is a reason for melancholy.

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