The fleet subscription format is similar

More and more new formats for using cars without the ne to purchase your own cars: for example, a corporate fleet subscription service. The specialists of Yandex. Drive were the first in Russia to develop such a service to car sharing services. Here, too, you do not ne to service the cars yourself, refuel them and repair them, in addition, at any time you can transfer to transport of a higher class. But there are differences: customers of the subscription model make periodic payments for a certain period of use of the fleet (for example, a year), and the car remains at the disposal of the company all this time.

An online store can rent cars by subscription

What is the technology of the subscription format Dubai Phone Number List Customers do not queue for cars. It is enough for companies to subscribe to the fleet and get any number of cars at the right time. You can start and end car rental at any time. Customers note that they do not have to worry about deadlines and pay for downtime. For example, during the high season in order to have time to deliver orders, and then complete the rental. Both the car and the driver are insur. Service, refuel and wash vehicles can also be a company that provides a subscription. You can assemble a fleet of vehicles according to your nes.

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These companies subscribe to a fleet

A fleet subscription is often arrang like a USA CFO constructor. You can include parking and fuel fees in the tariff – this will not work with leasing. And it’s not a problem to cancel the subscription after a month or two. No ne to pay rent for up to three years to be profitable. Which business areas are already using fleet subscriptions Internet shops. to optimize logistics processes. If desir, they can use machines with additional equipment. For example, you can order special shelves-clamps for large goods so that they do not wind around the cargo compartment. 

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