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Representatives of other groups we broadcast to the world. First of all, it is important to overcome your own stereotypes and xenophobic attitudes through awareness. Bultseva notes that reflection on one’s behavior and thoughts can be useful: “Often we may not even notice that we are discriminating against someone. And even more so, we don’t want to figure out why we don’t like this someone. But only by sincerely confessing to ourselves, by discovering the root cause of the rejection of the other, can we rethink the situation and take responsibility for how we build our lives in a diverse society. It is also important to monitor the so-call cognitive distortions and stereotypes.

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According to Bultseva when we ne to make quick Oman Phone Number List decisions, we can often rely on easily accessible and unverifi information, of negative stereotypes, prejudices and xenophobia. “It is very important to remain open to new information and facts and to consider each person not as a typical representative of his group, but as a unique person for” emphasizes the psychologist. Maria Bultseva, psychologist, researcher at the Center for Sociocultural Research, National Research University Higher School of Economics: “Critical thinking skills can help develop more realistic perceptions of other groups.

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In practice they can be “pump over” if you keep USA CFO a diary of thoughts and analyze your thoughts and experiences in detail. Cognitive dissonance works well to overcome stereotypes and change attitudes. That is, if we are confront with new experiences or information that contradicts what we knew, one of the possible coping strategies is to change our old ideas. In this sense, the search and analysis of information that contradicts negative stereotypes about representatives of other groups can help in the fight against xenophobia. that we are all different, and this is normal, but also to see what unites us.

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