The further development of hybrid forms

Yandex and Uber, AirBnb and WeWork, Avito and YouDo successfully compete with hotels, taxi companies and the newspaper ad section. This is not an easy task, given the resistance of companies and entire sectors that are being squeez and squeez out by new services. One of the tools to gain a place in the market can be the creation of new business models. Thus, Chulok from the Higher School of Economics anticipates of doing business – for example, when a traditional player launches an innovative subsidiary business within the sharing economy. A striking example is the Hyundai Mobility car subscription service, in fact.

We are talking about Amazon Web Services

The Korean auto giant’s own car sharing service. In turn, Anton Changsha Mobile Phone Number List Gubnitsyn, who oversees the sharing sector at RAEC, sees the key to success in creating entire ecosystems – that is, a chain of sharing services. Amazon is a good example: (AWS) – a global cloud infrastructure of hundrs of servers, where startups and billion-dollar concerns can rent space. At the end of 2020, AWS accounts for 12% of Amazon’s $386 billion in revenue and more than half of the company’s operating profit ($13.5 billion out of $22.9 billion). In turn, Amazon’s main business is an e-commerce platform.

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This system also has a downside

Which also fits the definition of a sharing economy. But so far, in most cases, the sharing economy is a loss-making business. In many ways, due to the high costs USA CFO of aggressive promotion in the market. Three leaders of the Russian car sharing market – Delimobil, BelkaCar and Citydrive show losses in 2020 in the amount of: Platform employment has already revolutioniz the world of work and is prict to have a great future. But Let’s talk about it in detail How does it work The gig economy is bas on involving not a full-time employee in the work, but a contractor who performs a one-time – from the point of view of the client  work.

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