The development of the goals they promote

Awareness of fashion’s contribution to the climate crisis means. That brands ne to be as careful and vigilant as possible about. How they present their initiatives and achievements. Otherwise, their actions risk getting greenwashing status. The company of consumer confidence. A quarter of respondents to a 2021 McKinsey survey in. The UK said their clothing purchasing decisions were driven by sustainability principles. In India, 94% of consumers are willing to pay more for “ethical” products. And young people in China are especially motivat by concern for sustainable consumption. Half of them are eager to buy as few fast-fashion items as possible.

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Brands can contribute to the fight against climate Luxembourg Phone Number List change, among other things, by collaborating and jointly developing sustainable environmental standards for the fashion industry. In 2023, within the framework of political discourse and there are excellent opportunities for fashion leaders to harmonize disclosure regulations and principles. Dealing with problematic issues will be easier thanks to the work of industry representatives with politicians and industry bodies. Communication should reflect brands’ long-term commitment to their audiences and their values. It is important to formulate realistic goals with deadlines and the ability to track progress towards them.

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A strong focus on sustainability

Ultimately market leaders will remain those who USA CFO are not afraid of change and are ready to act realistically and openly in a rapidly changing world. Brands that earn consumer trust and loyalty must ensure through their actions that every part of their internal and external operations makes a practical contribution to. The debt crisis in Greece in 2009-2015 has become the main test for the country in the 21st century. We understand what preconditions the crisis had, how it develop and how ordinary Greeks exist in such conditions About the expert: Yury Kvashnin is a candidate of historical sciences, head of the Center for European.

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