The goods will be brought not from Germany

Client here the routes will remain unchang; import – recently sold through Georgia, Turkey, the Unit Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Iran, the Caspian Sea, and the Far Eastern routes – mainly from China. European traffic will continue, but will not be as active as, for example, in 2021. Most likely, the significance of the European direction will decrease many times due to geopolitical restrictions. I think that many goods that were previously import directly from Europe will be import through Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries. No other cardinal changes are expect compar to the second half of.

It will be held back not only by large

The routes that have been in operation for the past six Tongliao Phone Number List months will be relevant for at least the entire 2023. As for domestic transportation, cargo traffic through Moscow to the regions will continue to prevail here, with the only difference being that now, but from China. But the first stop inside the country is the capital, and from there the goods are ristribut to the regions. The logistics of companies have been building up over the years, and Moscow is the city where the most storage warehouses are locat.

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It will be possible to talk about the creation

Today the prerequisites for new aggregation centers in other USA CFO million-plus cities are not expect due to the lack of the necessary infrastructure. So far, no one will speculatively build new facilities: a company that built a warehouse in Moscow a few years ago is unlikely to be ready right now to invest money in a new warehouse in southern Russia in order to move there. additional costs, but also by already conclud contracts. In the future, infrastructure transformation is possible only if new traffic flows are fix for the next five to ten years. ThenĀ  of key logistics hubs in the south and east of the country.

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