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A computer vision surveillance system will recognize everyone. Who passes by your apartment and compare the images with the police base. Today, a “smart” home in Russia is basically the Yandex intelligent assistant. Alisa”, which turns on music, searches for information on. The Internet, recommends movies, regulates the lighting and temperature in the house, and turns on the kettle. Review of the smart speaker Yandex.Station Max with Alice The American company Qualcomm also offers a system that will make any home smarter. It allows you to remotely monitor the situation in the house, reports the appearance of noise.

They allow you to automate existing

Experience (experience) – work with existing experience 1000 Mobile Phone Number List in solving customer problems using IoT, its analytics and rethinking. Just like ABCDE: how the Internet of Things works According to Fortune Business Insights. The global IoT market was $160 billion in 2018 and will exce $1.1 trillion by 2026 . The rapid growth is associat with the widespread introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. By the increase in smartphones, as well as the growing demand for energy saving. In an optimistic scenario for the development of. The Russian Internet of Things market, its volume in 2020 may exce 590 billion rubles. According to the research company According.

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The number of users of smart devices

Energy retail city life management, healthcare and USA CFO industry. In the power industry, the Internet of by 2025 there will be 55.7 billion connected devices in the world. Cybercriminals will continue to attack them because the IoT system is a fast enough way to distribute malware. Consumers, companies and entire cities will increasingly use smart technologies to save time and money. For example, refrigerators will be able to warn about imminent spoilage of products, traffic lights with built-in video sensors will regulate traffic depending on traffic. What will smart homes look like in ten years? Now, however, the key problem of IoT implementation is the lack of uniform standards.

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