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Strengthen local markets, forcing international stars to make room. Looking even closer at this musical revolution, it’s easy to see that streaming services were also the last straw in a freeing of music from industrial copyright yoke that began long before the advent of the Internet and is now being complet before our eyes. MP3 and music pirates company Believe well shows how short-sight the representatives of the world’s largest labels turn out to be and who actually made the digital revolution in the music world. The company was open in 2005.

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Then almost no one believ that it was possible to earn Russia Phone Number List good money and develop a business by working in the digital distribution market. However, one of the creators of Believe, Denis Ladegaillerie, thought otherwise. At that time, on a scooter to collect CDs and digitize them in his apartment. β€œHe was a man of passion and believ that,” says Victoria Sinyavskaya, General Director of the Russian and Eastern European direction of Believe. β€œAs a result, we manag not only to develop our own technologies, but also to build excellent relationships with online stores, to develop a wide range of tools for promoting any artist at any point in his career.

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The music business would develop digitally

Today Believe has become one of the largest players in the global music digital distribution market and the largest in Russia. But in the early 2000s, the USA CFO music industry was at the height of its power. Ownership of musical content was strictly limit to vinyl, cassette or CD. It seem that nothing could stop this hegemony. The decline of the industry began with the advent of broadband Internet access and the invention of the MP3 format, which gave music a whole new quality of existence. MP3 has become a symbol of the free exchange of information. Thanks to him, as well as various torrent trackers.

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