The online platform operates in the interests

How to keep a customer satisfi — services and what do they expect from an online platform? – Firstly, the opportunity to find a suitable service on the site. Secondly, to ensure that this service is of high quality of both parties. Therefore, we advise contractors to describe the services in as much detail as possible, to place photos of certificates and complet projects in advertisements. Such information helps a potential customer to preliminarily assess whether the contractor will be able to provide the desir service, whether he has the necessary qualifications. In addition, we certify performers.

We continue to check compliance

At the stage of laying out the announcement, we look at the Japan Phone Number List completeness of the application form, and after publication, bas on customer feback. We will not dwell on this and in the future we want to develop a service model. First of all, those categories that lend themselves to standardization. And if it is difficult to do this with repairs, then, for example, with the “master for an hour” service, it is quite possible. The same is with cleaning, and there are already precents on the market. To simplify the choice of a master and check the quality of his work, including user ratings and reviews, it is this tool that Avito is actively implementing.

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What is important for users when ordering

When the service has already been provid, customers USA CFO can leave a review and rating on the performer’s page, while the master can request a review with the click of a button. Our moderation system checks all reviews before publication, which allows us to provide an honest assessment of the work of a specialist, unlike, for example, social networks, where negative can be simply delet. — Do misunderstandings or conflict situations often occur between contractors and customers who agre to provide services online? — No more often than when ordering services offline.

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